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Quality Control & Assurance

Quality Control Assurance

Quality is the core of our business philosophy. We follow a Total Quality Management System (TQM) that streamlines all the procedures and practices in compliance with International standards. Our quality assurance includes checking of raw material, in-process control and testing of the products on various parameters. Prior to delivery, every batch of product is thoroughly inspected to make sure that they comply with client's specifications.

We leave no stone unturned in order to achieve highest standard of quality. Our company has successfully under taken jobs under world renowned third party inspection agencies such as:

  • Bureau Varitas
  • Det Narske Veritas
  • PDIL
  • TUV
  • SGS
  • GL

Moreover, continuous efforts are being made for improvement of materials, technology and equipments to deliver optimum quality products at the most affordable prices.

Manufacturing Excellence

We seamlessly integrate our process and technology to achieve perfection in everything we do. The complete process is carried under the strict supervision of Quality Assurance Department, who overseas all important quality functions and performs the following activities

MATERIAL CONTROL: This system controls the quality of all the incoming material. These raw material are sourced on the basis of the test certificates. The quality control department randomly checks the test samples on various chemical & physical properties at Government approved laboratory.

PROCESS CONTROL: During forging and heat treatment, process control system outlines in-process checks and controls to be followed during heat / treatment and testing.

MACHINING & DIMENSIONAL CONTROL:Suitable fixtures and templates are used to maintain dimensional accuracy, necessary gauges are calibrated periodically to maintain highest level of accuracy.

FINISHING, PAINTING & MARKING: Our Stainless steel products are pickled and punched. While, a rust preventive oil is used for carbon steel and alloy steel products.

CERTIFICATION & SUPPLEMENTARY TEST: Our products are supplied with test certificates. The certificates incorporate chemical composition, mechanical properties, hardness, detail of heat treatment. Ultrasonic test, Impact test, Radiography test and Stamping details.

Infrastructural Facility

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure has all the requisite facilities for forging, machining, heat treatment, inspection and testing. We have heavy-duty lathe machines that can efficiently handle flanges and shafts of all the sizes. The radial drill machines are capable of drilling holes up to 2 inches. The cutting of raw material is done using Band Saws, which run round the clock to ensure supply of material to the die shop. Special heat treatment is process carried out using annealing furnaces capable of handling Normalizing & Annealing material up to 5 Tons in a lot. This enable us to obtain desired quality of products.

Moreover, we also have in-house facilities for making our own dies in different dimensions. Our company has been credited for developing some of the most difficult jobs in die forging.

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